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Travel Expert City Guides Ltd is creating a suite of travel apps for individual cities with useful travel guides, reviews and ideas for locations around the world. You can gain top tips on where to go, what to do, what to see etc.


Page by Page Description

Home Page

Travel Expert app works offline, so you can read up on what do when you travel to your destination and find great things to do when there. Simple!   From the Home page, enter your destination name, select from the list, then see a list of all the Locations.

Browse Page

This page allows you to see all the points of interest listed for a particular city. You can also:
  • scroll through the recomendations
  • jump to view on the map
  • change the sort criteria
  • filter what you see

Main Reviews page

From here you can read all about a particular location. Also,
  • see the average star ratings
  • add Location to your Favourites
  • click the Map to see the Location and surrounding area
  • see pictures
  • see details about Discounts
  • link to their website*
  • send them an email*
*only if the data is available

Map page

Not only can you see where a Location is situated, you can do much more! Down the left hand side in the Filters, select the category you would like to display. So for instance, say you are in Toronto and would like to see all the restaurants, de-select all the other categories. Hey presto!

Map page

If you click the minimise button on the Filters, you can see a list of Locations that came up in your search.

Search page

A comprehensive search facility allows you to search the whole database. Anything you type in the box is shown up below, categorised into:
  • Cities
  • Locations
  • Guides
If you would like to find a specific Location and you know it's name, the type it in. If you know a user name and would like to see more reviews by them, then type in their name.

forever improving

That is not all. We are continually improving this and other apps. If you have any ideas on how Travel Expert could be better, do contact us (

See the World

Planning something amazing? Going somewhere awesome? Fancy some useful advice? Read our superb reviews on places to go, things to do, places to eat etc with our range of apps coming soon in 2016.

Offline Maps

Download your map to your phone or iPad so that you don’t use up more data and have the information to hand, when you want it.


Feature coming soon – see the current weather and 5 day forecast*. Useful information to help plan your trips including temperature, wind strength, sunshine and much more. (*will require in-app upgrade)

Refresh your database

Click the refresh button on the Home page to check your database is up to date. If you don’t refresh, the app will do it automatically periodically.

Get Directions

Use the map to navigate form where you are to the point of interest. Choose method of transport (walk, bike, car). Also, see how far you can get in a chosen time.

Interesting, Inspiring Reviews

Reviews are written to be informative, interesting and inspiring. Giving you the background and history to places and explaining why as well as how to enjoy these places.

City Apps

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App about Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
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Travel app about Abu Dhabi - available now
Travel App about London - coming soon.
Travel App about Oxford - available now


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